Obesity is a common problem faced by most of us today. Starting from nutrition to exercising, we have tried it all. A very unique approach to weight loss, eat stop eat is a popular method used by millions of people around the globe. However, does this weight loss plan really work? And if it does, how does it help one shed those extra pounds? Think of this program as an automated weight loss process! Still don’t believe me?

Brad Pillon is a nutritionist and a weight loss trainer who grew up in Burlington, Ontario. Having a passion for fitness and muscle building, he grew up collecting magazines that led him right there. His university education of four years in Applied Human Nutrition helped him build a career in this field, his first job after university being a Research Analyst. now, he is the author of eat stop eat, a weight loss program known and followed my many.

this program focuses on a intermittent period of a short fasting that actually helps to boost your weight loss rate. This period lasts only for a day and has to be followed at least once or twice a week. Good thing is, you get to choose the day which you want to fast, making it flexible for you, and eat stop eat is itself a very flexible program. The other days of the week, you can eat as normally as you do. During the fast periods you get to drink certain kinds of beverages that are allowed, so you wont be entirely hungry.

There are a few benefits of the short period of fasting which you carry out during the one or two days of the week.

There is a calorie drop in your body that is essential for any kind of weight loss program. It does this by burning down the extra stored calories in your body. In other words, calorie deficit takes place, which means that more calories are burned down than you consume.

It works as a detox plan for your body in the sense that it will cleanse your body off the harmful toxins.

Studies have shown that when you do short time fasting, you increase the activities of fat burning hormones hence a quick rate of fat drop!

the market price of eat stop eat is $49.95, however there is a quick guide on offer which is going for a mere $10. the offer runs till end of July so grab your copy as soon as you can, before time runs out on you!

it is a program created by a nutritionist, the expert himself whose drive was fitness while growing up. Therefore, its a guaranteed routine.
The method used to lose weight is short term fasting which isn’t hard to follow right? All it takes is sometime before you actually get used to the entire program

the biggest benefit of this routine is that it is a very easy to understand guide. While there are so many diet plans that require you to follow a food timetable, this one just requires you to fast and follow up on it thoroughly!
Finally, the only best part for me is that while am fasting on one day, I can eat as much as I want during the eating period without fear of adding weight!

there are some disadvantages of this program which aren’t that serious, but are still there.

When fasting, you may get headaches or feel dizzy due to lack of food in your system. This process takes a lot of time before you get used to it but once you do, all these tiny problems will vanish.

It will require you to follow the program religiously, failure to which you may not achieve the desired results! So once you decide to do this, just do it!
You will have to give up on snacking or munching on food while fasting as it is strictly not allowed.

Finally, this is not really a bad thing but you will have to replace your wardrobe with new clothes as the old ones will not fit you in any way. The good thing is, you will lose weight.

ultimately, its up to you if you want to lose weight and fit into those skinny jeans, getting the body you have always desired and look stunning in a body suit! Its all up to you. Just remember that whether you fast for 24 hours or 16 hours, the outcome will be the same so don’t starve yourself! Do not be tempted to fast for too long as it may cause health issues, instead, stick to the plan! Otherwise, its the best program for weight loss that I have ever come across. Say yes to Eat Stop Eat and goodbye to weight!